Chinese New Year in Phuket

Chinese New Year in Phuket

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Chinese New Year in Phuket complete with noisy firecrackers and incredible local entertainment.

This colourful expression of Chinese Culture takes place on the 16th to the 18th of February 2018.

We have updated our post for Chinese New Year 2019, please see HERE.

As Phuket steps into the year of the Dog, the Chinese New Year in Phuket is definately something to visit and enjoy.

Chinese New Year in PhuketVibrant celebrations begin as the preparation of this important festival is organised and started by Phuket’s local Chinese community.

The Old Phuket Festival acts as an addition to the festival. Held each year in the old Sino-Portuguese quarter in the town of Phuket.

During the two-day festival, highlights and entertainment such as the Dragon Procession bring on a kaleidoscope of colour along the streets.

Chinese New Year in Phuket with TAT.

The (TAT) standing for The Tourism Authority of Thailand and their Phuket office looks after Phuket Province and the City of Phuket.

The Tourism Authority puts together the Old Phuket Festival and the Chinese New Year celebrations. Featuring many colourful shows on Phuket Roads and at the public park next to the TAT offices.

Some of the shows include traditional dances and a Dragon dance. Four Old Phuket Town Streets such as Dibuk Road, Thalang Road, Phang Nga Road and Thalang Road will be all closed for three evenings. Of course this makes it safe for the pedestrians to enjoy the celebrations. Vases of flowers will be used for the decoration of Chinese houses. Along with platters of tangerines and oranges combined with trays of several varieties of dried sweet fruit.

TAT logo for Chinese New Year in PhuketMost of the shops and houses will be festooned at the entrance with red banners and decorations for the encouragement of happiness and luck in the coming year. It is a sensory circus, which includes the performance of music, traditional dance, art, and food. Visitors are welcome any evening to be present at the TAT office around 18:00. Here you can see demonstrations on how to produce some local and popular traditional desserts.

Do not miss the daily tour to Phuket shrines around the streets organised by the Phuket TAT office.

For more details contact them on Tel: +66 (0) 76-212213+66 (0) 76-212213 or their website HERE.

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