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Getting Married in Phuket are you ready?

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Phuket receives over five million tourists each year if you are getting married in Phuket stand out from the crowd.

Phuket is Thailand’s number one tourist destination. Bangkok may receive its fair share of travellers, however, Phuket offers visitors more than the traffic-congested capital city. Fun in the sun isn’t the only reason to travel to the region. Getting married in Phuket attracts visitors every year, and it is the perfect reason to go to the sun swept region this year. In addition, hotels are available to create the dream wedding you always wanted.

Getting Married in Phuket, Why Phuket?

Phuket is a magical region, and tourists love travelling to the province to say ‘I do’. First of all, Phuket’s gorgeous tropical climate offers a fantastic wedding backdrop. In addition, it has kilometres of picture-perfect beaches and non-stop sun.

Phuket is more than just fairy tale, beach weddings. Many couples friends and families love the idea of getting married in Phuket far from home. For one, couples don’t worry about all the different aspects of marriage in their home country. Couples can organise their wedding with a hotel or restaurant that caters to the ceremonies. Guests can fly to Thailand after organising the wedding ceremony over the phone or via email. Once in Phuket, travellers can see all their dreams unfold right in front of them.

Types of weddings

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Lawn setting around the pool.

Couples typically choose a traditional Thai ceremony. Bride and grooms who choose this option will complete the necessary legal requirements in their home country first. Phuket hotels, large and small, will help couples with their wedding preparations. Hotel staff are very knowledgeable in creating the ideal wedding for guests, and many have years of experience.

Guests that want something slightly more exotic, and incredibly memorable can find it. Couples can hire wedding companies to provide ceremonies with a twist. You can choose from underwater ceremonies to deserted island weddings. Couples can find the perfect wedding in Phuket.

Traditional Thai weddings

Couples can say ‘I do’ in a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. Weddings have unique characteristics, Thai weddings even more so and they can be added to a western style wedding. There are two main traditions in Thai weddings, these traditions can be inserted into a western style wedding.

Water ceremonies are one type of traditional weddings. Parents of the bride and groom take part in the ceremony. The wedding starts with the couple holding hands while the two sets of parents pour water over the bride and groom’s hands. The parents then give blessings to the bride and groom.
Monk blessing ceremonies take place early in the morning and feature the bride and groom offering food to a group of monks. Monks will chant prayers of blessings for the couple as part of the wedding ceremony due to the offering.

Getting Married in Phuket, Venues.

Phuket has a number of fantastic hotels and venues for weddings.

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Wedding set around the main pool.

East 88 Restaurant & Beach Lounge is situated within Serenity Resort and Residences. It is one of the most popular wedding venues, and guests can enjoy a well-planned event by its staff. East 88 is a popular beachfront restaurant and lounge, and it has the perfect outdoor venue for a completely memorable ceremony.

The wedding venue has an expert staff with years of experience in putting together great ceremonies.

Your fairytale wedding can become a reality thanks to their team. It will be a day you won’t soon forget and neither will your family.

East 88 Restaurant & Beach Lounge is a popular venue for weddings in Phuket. It personalises romantic weddings in paradise for guests interested in something different. Read more HERE

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