Phuket Weather in February

Phuket weather in February 2018.

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What can you expect from the Phuket weather in February 2018?

Firstly the climate in Phuket, South Thailand is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate.

The best time to visit Phuket and its islands is between November and April. During November the prevailing South Westerly winds die down and change to breezes mainly from the Noth East. The Phuket weather in February 2018 would not normally have odd days of rain.

The sea will be a lot calmer and safer and as we move past the new year there is almost no rain. You have a chance of odd heavy thundery showers but most of the time it is hot, hot and hotter.

Phuket weather in February 2018 temperature and humidity.

Phuket Weather in February
Patong Beach

The February temperatures will be around 25 and 32 degrees centigrade. Humidity not too high/sticky and at this making February a perfect time to visit Phuket.

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February 2018 in Phuket.

Phuket experiences heavy rains at certain times of the year, it is after all in the tropics. Sometimes we get localized flooding, but usually, after a heavy downpour it clears up and the sunshine returns, everything dries out very quickly and things are very normal again.

You need to be aware that the Phuket weather in February 2018 can be unpredictable with sometimes but rare a heavy tropical storm. If you are going swimming as always then take care and notice of the lifeguards on the beaches, stay within the SAFE swimming areas.

Chinese New Year 16th to 18th February.

Chinese New Year in PhuketDuring this period tourist arrivals are at maximum and sometimes increasing and Phuket starts to get busier and the high season continues.

With that said there are plenty of places to visit and spend a day enjoying Phuket and it is possible to get away from the hustle and bustle of it all.

Now don’t forget it is Chinese New Year so if you are coming to stay with us get that booking in early and be sure to stay in some of the best Serviced Apartments on the West Coast of Phuket.

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