Songkran 2018 will be wet wet wet

Songkran 2018 Wet Wet and Wetter.

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On your mark! Get set! Splash! It’s Songkran 2018

Thailand greets April with the world’s biggest water fight. A water fight that takes place all over Thailand. Of course, I’m talking about Songkran 2018 kicking off on April 13.

Get ready for it!

If you’re on the paradise island of Phuket, it’s comin’ at ya, ready or not. So what happens during this water festival? First, I’ll tell you what to expect on the ground, and in a subsequent blog post we’ll talk about the cultural tradition itself, which is a far cry from what goes on in every street on the island.

Songkran 2018 what to expect.

I’ve celebrated Songkran in Rawai, where it lasts one day, April 13 only. The corner of the Rawai Beach Road is a great place to station yourself. There are many favourite venues for Songkran, along beach road bars place huge vats of water out front, and a mob of people of all ages make that their home for the day, loading and reloading their water cannon, their buckets, their Super Soakers to accost everything that drives or walks by.

Another great place is outside Serenity Resort and Residences where you can expect the same ‘wet welcome’ but inside the resort and around the pool at East 88 Restaurant and Beach Lounge life is normal and guest and visitors can sit back and enjoy a lazy day with drinks and snacks available all day.

Songkran 2018 Bangla Road will be ready
Songkran 2018 ready for the fun

Did I say it only lasts one day in Phuket? Well, Patong, particularly Soi Bangla and the Beach Road, hasn’t seemed to have got that message.

This is the absolute wildest place to be in Phuket, a place where anything goes, ice water, water mixed with cooling talcum powder, buckets, cannon, Super Soakers, anything available to hold water in.

Nakalay Palm Resort and Songkran 2018 is a perfect location to be in Patong, but not staying there. Just 10 minutes away by car and with awesome special accommodation deals through the Songkran 2018 holiday period check them out here.

If you wonder why the police don’t enforce the one-day rule in Patong, well, this is the time of the year when you can shoot a cop with impunity, just be ready for them to shoot back. In other words, they’re right in on all the fun.

Songkran 2018 A few tips:

• Leave anything valuable at home unless it’s waterproof. You will get wet; no one is exempt.
• You can get some great pictures of water fights, but make sure your camera is waterproof; the dive shops will have zip lock type see-through cases you can use. The same goes for your phone. Protect your equipment.
• Dress down; your good clothes are likely to get ruined.
• Avoid riding motorcycles since, as a prime target of water ambushes, they can be even more dangerous than usual.

View of Nakalay Palm Resort
Check out the special Songkran Deals

I’ve always wondered what happened to make Songkran the wild melee of water ambushes that it is. Who changed it?  Anyone know? Read about the Culture HERE.

Oh, well, what the heck, it’s fun and a good excuse to go wild and become a kid again and get wet in what is supposed to be the hottest day of the year. Ironically, it’s not unusual for it to rain on Songkran. I suppose Nature, watching all the ruckus and fun, decides she wants to get in on the act too. You can check the latest Phuket Weather here.

So get your Super Soaker and meet me on the street!