Songkran 2019

Thai New Year, It is Songkran 2019

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Traditionally, April is the hottest month in Thailand. With the heat comes Thailand’s biggest water fight and the cultural celebrations that welcome the Thai New Year

The Biggest Water Fight in the World

Known as Songkran, the festivities kick off across the Kingdom on the 13th of April and last until the 15th of April in Phuket. Longer in the rural areas, sometimes up to a week. Visitors to Phuket, and guests of Nakalay Palm Resort, can expect to have a lot of fun while getting soaking wet.

There are two sides to Songkran. The traditional ceremonies which are sweet and beautiful and perfectly represent how lovely the Thai culture can be, and the wet and wild water fights that take place on every street corner of the island. The Thai New Year is a wonderful time to visit the island, as Songkran is one of the most unique holidays to experience.

Thai New Year Traditions

The traditional aspect of Songkran sees a softer ushering in of the Thai New Year. A huge emphasis is put on family during this holiday, and most working Thais take the entire week off spending time with their families with many travelling back to their hometowns.

Thai New Year Songkran 2019
Thai people pay respect to elders during.

On the early morning of Songkran, many people across Thailand start the Thai New Year by giving food to the monks. Temple visits are the order of the day. Families pay respect to the elders in the family by pouring water over their wrists and hands. Younger children in the family will wash the hands and feet of their grandparents. After this, Thai families usually pray to their ancestors and leave an offering, such as an orange or tangerine, on the family altar.

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Making merit is a big part of celebrating the Thai New Year, so don’t be surprised if you see many Thai families heading to the temples. There are various ways to make merit, but a few popular ideas are to release birds into the wild or fish into the lotus pond on the temple grounds. Another way of making merit is to wash the Buddha statues at the temple or help the groundskeepers with the gardening or cleaning. Read about The Thai New year from 2018 HERE

Songkran 2019 the Wet and Wild Side

Are you ready for Thailand’s biggest water fight?

Songkran 2019 will be no different to other years, wet, wet and wetter and the wild side is extremely fun, extremely crazy and absolutely memorable. Now rememeber, here in Phuket, is the famous Patong Beach neighbourhood. Songkran generally starts by late afternoon on the 12th of April.

Thai New Year and Songkran 2019
Thai New Year and Songkran

Patong’s famous entertainment district, Bangla Road, is the heart of the Songkran action. A wander down the road will see buckets of water out front of the majority of the businesses, with people using them to refill water guns or fill up smaller buckets. No one is safe during Songkran – trust us, you will get wet!

The Thai New Year water fight is spread out across the island of Phuket. Be sure to either leave your valuables at home, or ensure to have a waterproof bag or carry case for them. While Patong Beach has the wildest of the Songkran celebrations don’t miss Phuket Old Town. Offering up a more tame take on the Thai New Year holiday. Wherever you decide to celebrate Songkran in Phuket, be prepared to get wet!

Celebrating Songkran 2019 at Nakalay Palm Resort

Are you interested in visiting Phuket during Songkran? Make sure to take advantage of this unique holiday and all it has to offer; both the modern and the traditional. Enjoy the energetic chaos of the water fights, but also try to take in a local ceremony or two in order to truly appreciate the cultural aspect of the Thai New Year.

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